Wednesday, July 22, 2009

checking out the standard going rates as of july 2009

I still think Peter Lees designs could be the best value for money, but its a tricky option for various reasons...
If I just look at the standard options land can be bought for $150,000 to $260,000 in good locations, and I think maybe a $165,000 block of land could be a good option with a $115,000 house = $280,000 total ...or a house and land packgage for $250,000 to $290,000...
Big problem is loan amount...will it be enough...

then of course cheaper options to be found in Mandurah/meadow springs, Byford,Armadale, and maybe Ellenbrook, or Wattle Grove, High Wycombe, but I am not that keen on the Mandurah,Byford,Armadale options as too far from the city, same applies to Ellenbrook to a lesser extent...Wattle Grove and High Wycombe to far from my parent5s I think, and not the best locations..., but then again might end up being a good way to go... then there is cloverdale/queens park/kenwick/east cannington (high crime rate, airliner jets landing on your head/taking off at all hours, but very close to city... kwinana, port kennedy secret harbour, harrington waters...most of these places I have read meters in so I have seen them all firsthand... Bassendean, south guildford, or north of the river options, like ridgewood/butler clarkson, landsdale/madely/darch...

Going back south of the river piara waters/southern river probably too costly...Baldivis heaps of cheap land, but its a long way from Perth City, might end up having to go there to get the cost down, increased daily driving time in exchange for a cheaper block price?

Guess there is always the possibility of upgrading finance later, but if thats necessary maybe wait a bit longer before taking the plunge... my fear is the longer we wait the more rent prices, and land costs are going to skyrocket unbelievably...

Had another look at some of the best house and land packagaes and house prices around in good locations , here is some of the info currently floating around on the net;
As of 22nd July 2009;
282K wellard
293K wellard
298K wellard
Oasis 113K???
$25,500 in total...(not just 21,000)
house n land from 249K
bertram beeliar aubin grove

smart move/blueprint
from 272K
from 274K?
from 283K
from 115K??? The Great Escape Range
from 318K aubin grove
305K baldivis
106K !!! ???

the parade 126K ???

Cheaper house options;
1. Peter lees designed a-frame/loft house...
Perhaps a mud-brick one or just a standard limestone brick one...

2. timber house
from 96K?

3. Stumped queenslander style house...

4. transportable house
the best

5. build your own kit house.
Ross Squire homes have kits around the $60-$70,000 mark, but how much would construction cost in time money and effort!
Remember from my Dad's effort on the Mandurah house how much hard yakka that involves...

Of course the owner builder route maybe more difficult to get a loan for, and its fraught with a stack of risks, and tricky issues to deal with...although the potential cost and cashflow gains could be massive...

Mostly this is just an attempt to get all the good options in place so we are ready to go if a decent loan amount is possible...not sure if it is yet...Otherwise will have to repeat the process again in a year or two,three...

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