Wednesday, August 26, 2009

anyone for $70k 133m, and 102m Loft design house

I am actively looking for a builder to see if anyone can do a C3 design Loft design house for $60,000 to $80,000...Ground floor is 133m square, second floor is 102m square...Hope to buy the official plans soon...Have block options in the metro around the $130,000-$145000 mark...

Have an advert for builders to quote on this @ please any builders out there let us know if you can do this...

Go! Go! Go! if we are to use the government grants ($14,000-$21,000...probably too late for $21,000 now) this year, and reduce our weekly rent payment of $355 a week to a mortgage payment of less than $200 a week by 2010...
If of course we can find a builder to build for $60,000-80,000...
Otherwise the only other options are to try a block in the country, (lots of travel for me to work unless I make it big on the stock market,) or try the banks again next year which I suspect will mean higher land costs, and the same or similiar loan amount, maybe even less or no loan amount at all...
So I am thinking now is the time to try and go for it if it is still possible...

here is the text from my ad on serviceseeking which is HERE;

-Brick house 3-4 bedrooms
-A-frame style roof, 2 storey house.
-needs to comfortably fit on a 280m square block
i.e. about 133m square for ground floor,
102m square for the second floor
-I have a detailed sketch of plans, and am about to buy official plans from an architect.
-build for $60000- $75,000
-location will be near kwinana in an established home estate
-need work to start asap, by November 2009 at the latest
-completion date asap, but flexible with that so long as it is finished some time in 2010.

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